Dustless Sandblasting for Wood Restoration

Restore wood to its natural beauty

Whether you need to strip the stain from a log cabin, or remove the weathering from wood furniture, our dustless sandblasting equipment can handle it. Our abrasive blasting technique is gentle enough to prepare wood for new coatings, without damaging the surface. Our sandblasting team can restore decks, furniture, siding, wooden beams, cabins, and more. Even smoke damage and mold damage can be safely removed from wood so new stain or paint can be applied.

Can You Sandblast Wood?

Sandblasting wood

Abrasive blasting wood is a common practice. Often, organic sandblasting media, such as walnut shells or corn cobs may be used. Sodium bicarbonate (soda blasting) or recycled glass may also be used as an abrasive. Using softer abrasives with different nozzles and pressure allow sandblasting contractors to restore wood without causing etching or damage.

Sandblasting wood is quite common in cleaning up smoke damage, mold remediation, or stripping staining or paint in preparation for new coatings. Other applications for abrasive blasting wood include restaining decks and patios, cleaning siding, antique wood restoration, cabinet stripping, removing contaminants from wooden beams and interior roofing.

Remove Failing Coatings From Wood or Siding

Dustless sandblasting is a gentle, eco-friendly way to remove failed stain from decking,cracking paint from house siding, or cleaning up mold or smoke damage. If you need wood restoration or professional architectural sandblasting in Sacramento, Stockton, or the Bay Area, call Legion Corp for a free estimate at (530) 588-7000.

Wood Restoration in Northern Ca