Residential Sandblasting

Residential Sandblasting

Residential Sandblasting and Surface Cleaning

Restore masonry, stone, brick, concrete and more.

Legion Corp is a licensed and bonded sandblasting contractor that is here to help with your residential abrasive blasting project. Our dustless sandblasting process is enviromentally-friendly, gentle enough to use for residential applications, and powerful enough to remove stains, grime, calcium deposits, paint, and smoke damage.

Our sandblasting rig is 100% mobile—we come to your home. Here are some of the things our sandblasting contractors can handle.

  • Remove calcium stains from stone or brick
  • Strip paint from concrete
  • Clean up oil stains, grime, dirt, or rust stains from concrete
  • Stucco removal from exterior of home
  • Remove failing stain from wood, or failing paint job from exterior for re-painting

We use recycled glass for concrete preparation—such as pour-in-place concrete, aggregate, or satin removal from driveways. For other types of residential architectural sandblasting—stripping stain from wood beams to expose the wood grain for re-staining—we usually use a milder abrasive made from organic material.

Our mobile sandblasting unit is also available for rental property applications, apartments, and townhomes (such as graffiti removal).

Brick home
Brick patio

Residential Abrasive Blasting