Dustless Sandblasting for Refineries

Our non-sparking abrasive blasting allows your refineries to stay open.
No shutdown necessary.

Chemical plants and petroleum refineries pose a unique challenge for abrasive blasting. In the past, with traditional dry sandblasting, the plant would have to shut down, to prevent sparking, dust, and static electricity. Now, there is a more efficient abrasive blasting process that keeps productivity at peak levels.

With dustless wet sandblasting, static electricity and sparks are suppressed, as the water and abrasive media are delivered together. Our mobile wet sandblasting process allows your refinery to stay open, and stay productive.

Dustless sandblasting uses an environmentally neutral media as an abrasive, and is 100% OSHA compliant. Being able to perform maintenance, lead abatement, or stripping paint or corrosion quickly and efficiently without plant shutdown saves you time and money. In a single step, we can remove paint, rust, contaminants, coatings, grease, coatings, or any other contaminants. All this without pre-washing.

Legion Corp is a licensed sandblasting and waterblasting contractor, available to work in Northern California, including the Bay Area, Sacramento Valley, and San Joaquin Valley.


Uses minimal water and media compared to traditional blasting.

Remove Paint and Contaminants