Dustless Sandblasting for Heavy Equipment

Basic Reconditioning for Heavy Equipment

Legion Corp offers mobile wet sandblasting and repainting for heavy equipment. Our basic reconditioning includes sandblasting the old coatings from your equipment and repainting.

Our dustless wet sandblasting eliminates warping of the substrate. Frictional heat that is present in dry blasting is reduced to nil by using wet blasting. Wet sandblasting is flexible enough to use as an integral part of your maintenance processes. This is an efficient way to keep your equipment looking new.

Our sandblasting equipment is completely mobile—we come to your job site. We abrasive blast the surface clean and create an anchor pattern, so the new paint coating will adhere properly. Blast, prime, and repainting will make your heavy machinery look brand new. Ideal for heavy machinery, fleet trucks, oil and gas pipelines and other industrial needs.

Construction Equipment
Our dustless sandblasting equipment removes rust and corrosion without damaging or warping the substrate of your machinery. Our sandblasting contractors have decades of experience removing paint, oil, grease, and other corrosion, preparing the metal surfaces for repainting. Wet abrasive blasting is also gentle enough to keep industrial tanks, bins and pods, railings, machines, cement, and asphalt looking brand new.

Why Mobile Dustless Sandblasting?

In some situations, abrasive blasting in a facility or around equipment must be a thoughtful process. Some facilities have small particulate or dust in the air, where dry abrasive blasting is impractical.

The advantage of wet dustless blasting is that it is non-sparking. There are no frictional sparks, meaning wet sandblasting is safe for any surface. This means you do not have to schedule plant shutdowns.

Dustless sandblasting is also environmetally friendly. Flashing is suppressed by a 72 hour rust inhibitor which is added to the wet blasting solution. This prevents rust from appearing on the prepared surface before new coating is applied.

Industrial Equipment Sandblasting Examples


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Legion Corp serves Northern California, including the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Stockton. C-61 / D-38 Sandblasting Contractor, license #1062449. Available for commercial and construction projects.

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