Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal


Graffiti Removal in Northern California

Graffiti makes storefronts and commercial properties look blighted and run-down. Property values are diminished where there is graffiti present. It can even make customers think twice about entering a place of business.

What’s the best way to get graffiti removed?

The mobile wet abrasive blasting team at Legion Corp can remove graffiti quickly and efficiently. Our graffiti removal service is available in Sacramento, Stockton, the Foothills, and the Bay Area.

Why wet dustless blasting is the best solution for removing graffiti.

Pressure washing is best for removing dirt and grime. But it won’t remove spray paint from walls, concrete and asphalt.

Traditional dry sandblasting can damage the surface being treated.

Soda blasting is non-toxic, but can kill nearby vegetation, grass, and plants. Additionally, soda blasting can leave a “shadow” of the graffiti, especially with black and darker colors.

In comparison, Dustless abrasive blasting removes all paint from walls, brick, and concrete quickly. The abrasive media we use is eco-friendly and cleans up easily. Nearby plants and vegetation is left intact.

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Eco-Friendly Graffiti Removal