Automotive Dustless Sandblasting

Automotive Dustless Sandblasting

Mobile Automotive Sandblasting

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Auto Sandblasting: YOur Project is Our Passion

For over a decade, Legion Corp has been helping customers complete their project vehicles. Our skilled craftsmen will breathe life into your special vehicle taking the time and resources necessary to make your classic show quality with modern functionality. We are obsessed with delivering the highest quality restoration for all types of vehicles including muscle cars, classic vehicles, hot rods, antiques and trucks. 

Since we are mobile and our system creates NO DUST, we can come to you and abrasive blast your car right where it is. Legion Corp Sand Blasting, delivers excellent service on time and within your budget. Our employees are experienced and insured so you can trust your next project with us. Dustless sandblasting will strip virtually any automobile in under 2-3 hours. Our mobile sandblasting equipment will allow us to blast anywhere you wish and strip your vehicle to white metal. Our process will remove paint, rust and even body filler in one step. Collision and auto restoration shops as well as auto enthusiasts can all benefit.
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Our experience and expertise has led us to develop sandblasting and priming processes to execute the build according to the agreed time frame and budget.

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Bring Your Car Back to Life