Architectural Sandblasting

Architectural Sandblasting

Architectural Sandblasting Northern California

D-38 Sandblasting Contractor for Construction

Legion Corp is a C-61 / D-38 sandblasting contractor, available for subcontracting to construction companies and large general contractors. We work quickly and efficiently, and we have twenty years of experience in abrasive blasting. If you need to work with a reliable mobile sandblasting contractor in Sacramento or the Bay Area to keep your project moving on time, call us at (530) 588-7000 or fill out our contact form.

Here is a partial list of architectural sandblasting applications where we can help you.

  • Structural steel abrasive blasting for anchor pattern and primer coating
  • Concrete surface preparation
  • Pour in place concrete or concrete aggregate
  • Stripping coatings, paint, stain, or corrosion from surfaces for repainting or new coating
  • Removing calcium deposits, corrosion, rust, or paint from brick, concrete, cinder block, metal, or wood
  • Smoke remediation for wood, brick, or other surfaces
  • Stucco removal

Abrasive Blasting Structural Steel

Here are some photos from a recent project, where we were responsible for abrasive blasting 80-foot steel trusses, so they could be coated with primer, and painted. This helped the construction project stay on schedule .

Architectural Sandblasting for Concrete

Legion Corp also does concrete surface preparation, such as exposing aggregate, or adding texture to concrete to give it traction. Some common applications for concrete abrasive blasting are driveways, swimming pools, structural concrete, pour in place concrete, and pedestrian walkways.

Architectural sandblasting in Northern California