Industrial Sandblaster Bay Area
Industrial Sandblasting
Our mobile sandblasting company will come to your construction site, industrial facility, or commercial property in Northern California.
Architectural Sandblasting
Our mobile sandblasting unit provides abrasive blasting for general contractors and on municipal and state jobs in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and the San Joaquin Valley.
Equipment Sandblasting
Our wet sandblasting process can remove rust, corrosion, paint, and grime from industrial equipment, excavators, tractors, trailers, trucks, and more. No warping to the substrate. Non-sparking and eco-friendly.
Marine Sandblasting
Dustless sandblasting can remove anti-fouling paint, corrosion, epoxy, or marine biofouling from any hull material without damaging the surface.
Automotive Sandblasting Sacramento
Automotive Sandblasting
Legion Corp's mobile sandblasters will come to your location and strip your vehicle for repainting. Our wet sandblasting method will not warp or damage the substrate. NO sanding. NO warping. NO rust.

C-61/D-38 Sandblasting Contractor

Legion Corp is a member of the Department of Industrial Relations and a licensed C-61/D-38 contractor with the California Contractors State License Board (CL #1062449).

Serving Northern California, the Bay Area, Sacramento & Stockton

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Our Abrasive Blasting Services

Abrasive blasting for structural steel, concrete prep (aggregate, pour in place, texturing). We also do smoke remediation and wood restoration. If you need a D-38 sandblasting contractor, Legion Corp is there for you.

Our sandblasting contractors come to your job site. Available for sandblasting work in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Stockton. Our wet dustless blasting is eco-friendly.

Legion Corp will remove paint and line stripes from parking lots, curbs, asphalt, and concrete, allowing the surface to be repainted. Wet dustless blasting also removes oil, tar, dirt, and thermoplastic from asphalt and concrete.
Our mobile sandblasting contractors come to your job site. Dustless sandblasting can remove paint, rust, corrosion, and grime from heavy machinery without warping the substrate.
Providing graffiti removal for Northern California. Keep your property values high and community clean. Our gentle abrasive blasting leaves the surface intact. Cleans more thoroughly than soda blasting.

Our wet dustless abrasive blasting is non-sparking, and safe to use. Static electricity and sparks are suppressed. No need to shut down your plant while cleaning or blasting equipment. Stay productive.

We can sandblast the anti fouling bottom paint from your boat quickly and thoroughly. No more grueling sanding and grinding.
Our sandblasting contractors can clean or blast concrete, asphalt, aggregate, brick, aluminum siding, stucco, cinder block, and more. Available for commercial or residential projects.
Providing media blasting for all types of vehicles. We sandblast vintage automobiles, trucks, trailers, fleet vehicles, buses, campers and RVs, more.

Sacramento & Bay Area Abrasive Blasting

We provide sandblasting services and all aspects of surface preparation & painting

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Dustless Sandblasting in Northern California

How is dustless blasting different from traditional sandblasting? Wet sandblasting, or dustless blasting, is an abrasive blasting process that uses a mixture of water, compressed air, and abrasive media. Unlike dry sandblasting, wet media blasting degreases and blasts in one step. Wet blasting also eliminates frictional heat found in dry abrasive blasting, meaning there is no warping of the substrate. Wet dustless blasting is becoming more popular as is has great versatility as a surface preparation process.

There are various types of abrasive media that can be used in wet sandblasting. Recycled crushed glass is often used, especially in construction, industrial, and commercial applications. Glass abrasive media is free of crystalline silica, a known carcinogen, which can cause respiratory diseases if inhaled.

How does wet abrasive blasting deal with rust? Sandblasting contractors add a rust inhibitor to the water and abrasive mixture before blasting. Many types of metal can “flash rust” if left exposed to the the air. The rust inhibitor prevents oxidation for up to 72 hours, provided the metal surface is kept dry. The chemical rust inhibitor is also environmentally friendly.

Mobile SandBlasting Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask a question to get all the necessary information!

Traditional abrasive blasting uses compressed air and blast media to clean surfaces. Dustless sandblasting uses a mix of abrasive and water propelled by compressed air. In normal sandblasting, the blast media impacts a surface and shatters into smaller particulate. These particles normally go into the surrounding air, and some fall to the ground due to gravity.

Dustless blasting suppresses the majority of particulate from sandblasting, about 92%. Most of the small particles are encompassed in the water, and gravity pulls them to the ground.

The manufacturers of our cutting-edge equipment have been in the restoration industry since 1941. However, mobile dustless sandblasting is relatively new in northern California.
Dustless abrasive blasting uses water to reduce heat and friction. Therefore, metal doesn’t warp due to excessive frictional heat. Mobile sandblasting is gentle enough to use on antique wood, yet powerful enough to remove the toughest mess.
Mobile dustless sandblasting is a process that removes coatings from nearly any surface. The sandblasting equipment is usually brought to the job site using a truck trailer. Mobile wet sandblasting uses compressed air to propel a mixture of abrasive media and water, reducing frictional heat, and supressing particulate in the air during blasting. Mobile sandblasting can remove contaminants and coatings from surfaces like metal, wood, brick, asphalt, concrete, and fiberglass.
Mobile dustless sandblasting is eco-friendly. The blasting materials we use are 100 percent environmentally inert. If we’re blasting concrete, we simply sweep up the debris. Some jobs don’t require any cleanup at all.
If you are restoring automobiles, fleet vehicles, trucks, or classic cars—and you call a mobile sandblaster to strip automotive paint—our recommendation is to mask the glass and chrome to prevent cosmetic damage from sandblasting.

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